Round 1: Support services for CoVEs - part 1

This session is about the tools, resources and services that have been or will be developed to support the development of Centres of Vocational Excellence.  During the first 25 minutes you will learn about the ISATCOVE - Europe's new tool that supports the self-assessment of CoVEs (Julian Stanley, ETF). One of the participants of the pilot will share experience of using this tool (Adrijana Hodak, Šolski center Nova Gorica).

Then you will be invited to choose between parallel presentations that address (A) Recognising Excellence:  Labels and Awards for CoVEs (Doriana Monteleone, ETF) and (B) Applied Research - Case Studies about how CoVEs are conducting Applied Research (Stefan Thomas, ETF and Meghan Rens (Cinop)).

After these presentations, you will learn about ETF initiative GRETA (Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions), one of the thematic initiatives of the ETF Network of Excellence (ENE) that promotes knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaboration of CoVEs and VET providers with a view to support their provision of green skills (Susanne Nielsen, ETF).

Lastly, you will learn about future plans for support services for CoVEs.  You will have the opportunity to signal your priorities and register you interest in getting involved in the development or design of future services.