Round 1: Continuation strategies for CoVEs - impact is key

The session will be organised in a workshop format, providing opportunity to the participants to share their knowledge, experience, engage with other participants in small group focusing on important aspects in managing CoVEs projects: sustainable business models and impact. The objectives of the session are to highlight the potential that partnerships with other institutions can bring, explore options for networking, different business models and strategies, and expected long-term impact of the CoVEs project. Participants will be aware of the importance and complexity to ensure the right business model for the CoVE, specially focusing on creating synergies with other institutions and CoVEs and understand the potential impact these projects have on the relevant target groups. The intended target group (participants) are people who already are part of CoVE consortium, or people interested to develop CoVE project in near future.

Moderator: Angelina Taneva-Veshoska - Catalyst Project