Round 3: Connecting the dots - national CoVE initiatives

The Erasmus Centers of Vocational Excellence are a great example of how schools, employers and governments can work together to make sure students and workers have the right skills to address the challenges we are facing. Next to the Erasmus CoVEs, there are numerous national schemes, similar to the CoVEs. In this session, we will present the national approaches to CoVEs of France, Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark and will discuss how we can connect the dots between the national initiatives across Europe, so we can make an even bigger impact for students, teachers and companies.


- Matthieu Mercieca - Campus de Metiers et Qualifications

- Henriette Hansen - Southern Denmark Office & EUVECA CoVE

- Boudewijn Grievink - Katapult

- Sebastian Cortes - Campus de Metiers et Qualifications

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