Online - Microcredentials a labour market mega trend

Microcredentials – a labour market megatrend
Findings from Cedefop project on Microcredentials for VET and labour market learning
The session will be an opportunity for you to be informed on the emerging role of microcredentials in supporting labour-market-related and employment-relevant education, training and learning. To address the limited evidence that exists on the general labour market value attached to microcredentials, Cedefop has launched a new study on the role of microcredentials in facilitating learning for employment, as part of its future of VET agenda. The presentation by Ms. Anastasia Pouliou of Cedefop will offer insights from the study related to the characteristics of microcredentials, their perceived added value to individual learners and employees, as well as their impact on existing qualifications and recognition systems. It will also create a space for reflection and discussion of microcredentials’ broader uptake and function.

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This workshop will take place on September 26, 11.30-12.30 CET.

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