Day 1: Monday 25 september

On the first day of the Forum on Vocational Excellence, you will dive into the Dutch VET system by going on a site visit of your choice to one of the Dutch public private partnerships in VET. In these public private partnerships, VET providers, Universities of Applied Science, regional governments, employers and other stakeholders in the regional skills ecosystem are working on innovation in education, Life Long Learning, applied research, sharing facilities and creating networks to ensure students and workers have the right skills to do their job.


10.30 and 13.00      Welcome and registration at ROC van Amsterdam (Tempelhofstraat 80, Amsterdam). Departure to the site visits (including lunchbox), specific times depend on the chosen public private partnership to visit. We will take you by bus to your site visit and bring you back to Amsterdam afterwards.

16.00 - 18.00            Return in Amsterdam for dinner & canal cruise

18.00 - 21.00            Dinner & canal cruise               


The following public private partnerships are more than happy to host you on their location, share their experiences with the collaboration in their skills ecosystem and answer all the questions you may have. On each location, you will get a tour around the facilities, an explanation of the work done, taking into account the perspectives of the school, the students, teachers and companies involved. Approxametly a month before the Forum, you will receive more information on each site visit and you will have the opportunity to choose your site visit.